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Privacy policy


Favorite Onez is located at Bjoernekaeret 2a, 5270 Odense, Denmark (CVR:43287583 ), we are committed to protecting your privacy and making sure of the security of your personal data. Our privacy policy outlines how we collect, protect and use your information in compliance with the EU data protection laws. 

Personal information collected by the Controller is only used for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. 

Purpose and Scope of personal Data Processing 

Favorite Onez process and collect personal data for the following reasons: 


​To comply with and manage sales contracts arising from customer in-store orders: Personal information relating to individual purchase orders includes first name, last name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address. If the delivery address is different from the order address, additional information such as first name, last name, email address, phone number and address information is collected.

To handle complaints and refunds arising from completed sales contracts:


Information including first name, email address, telephone number and address information, and mailing address (if different from order information).

To facilitate the registration of customer accounts in the online store:

Account information includes name, email address, telephone number and address. Additional information, including company name and tax number, is collected to record operating statistics.


To issue accounting documents such as invoices and fulfill related tax obligations:

Names, company names (if applicable), full addresses, CPR numbers or tax IDs, and other data must be handled in accordance with local laws


To manage registration and participation in the "Club Favorite Onez" loyalty program:

Details such as name, surname, address, countries, phone number, email address, gender and size are recorded.

To handle an email subscription: Information provided by individuals at the time of filing is collected including name, surname (if provided), email address and other data necessary to prepare questionnaires


By participating in competitions on Favorite Onez's social media platforms: Information is collected including name, surname, contact address, phone number and email address.


To comply with legal requirements such as returns or other mandatory actions:

Data are processed as required by law or necessary to carry out legally imposed duties, administrative, or judicial decisions.

For technical purposes and conservation calculations:

Data such as IP addresses, user-specified locations, devices, operating systems, and browsers are recorded. For sales and marketing efforts, including distribution of newspapers: Data including names, surnames, email addresses and phone numbers will be used with the express and specific consent of customers.

Our online store uses cookies to improve the browsing experience and provide personalized services. We use both necessary and non-essential cookies. Essential cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the online store, while essential ones help with analytics and marketing efforts. Customers have the right to refuse consent to the use of unnecessary cookies at any time by changing the browser settings. For further information on the types and purposes of cookies, please see our Cookie Policy, which can be accessed at the bottom of the website.

Legal basis for data processing:

Due to the need to comply with sales contracts, handle complaints and returns, record store accounts, and meet in-store technical needs:


Data processing is justified under Art. 6(b) GDPR, which is deemed necessary for the conclusion of a contract or for carrying out pre-contractual measures at the request of the data subject. In addition, functionality is considered necessary for legitimate benefits, such as recovery from contract terminations or business improvements, including data protection measures


For email subscriptions:

Under Article 6(1)(f) GDPR, processing is considered necessary for legitimate interests, including receiving and replying to documents. Contest entry for customer registration in the "Club Favorite Onez" loyalty program, social media platforms, marketing, business purposes, and mailing newsletters: Data processing is subject to the expressed consent of data subjects. In complying with legal obligations: The legal basis for data processing varies depending on specific legal provisions or governmental decisions.


Responsibilities for providing data:

Personal data provided relating to sales contract compliance, complaint and return procedures, inventory account recording, inventory technology requirements are voluntary but necessary for intended purposes Not so taken this data was not provided for the purpose of ordering, handling complaints or returns otherwise they cannot do so.


Personal data collected in connection with the "Club Favorite Onez" loyalty program including customer registration, participation in contests on social media platforms, marketing, business purposes, and newsletter distribution is voluntarily provided subject to consent expressly followed and withdrawal of consent is allowed at any time without affecting how policy based on prior consent.

Data transfer:

Personal information may be sent to technical service providers, payment providers, activists, telecommunications providers, hosting and consulting providers, providers of marketing services in the form of SMS campaigns, newspaper distribution, letters storage agencies, postal workers, couriers, printing or repair companies , as required for the purposes originally intended. Information can also be made available to public authorities such as regulatory agencies, statutory courts and the police.

Security Measures:

We have put in place strategies and technologies to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information, such as antivirus programs, limited entry to personal data, data encryption, and partnerships with data management partners.


Change to the Policy:

This policy may change and any changes will be communicated to customers, particularly those belonging to Favorite Onez club, via email or on our website for a period of 14 consecutive calendar days. 

Requests and Complaints 

If you have any complaints or requests regarding the processing of your personal data, including requests to exercise your rights under data protection laws, please contact us at

Administrator, in cooperation with a third party.

By using our services, you give us the consent to collect and process your personal data. We are committed to protecting your privacy and making sure of the security of your personal data. Favoriteonez is in cooperation with third parties that may have access to the information that the visitor or buyer have provided or accepted that Favorite Onez collects.

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