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Care Guide

Caring for undies, sle­epwear, and sportswear is ke­y to keeping their quality and lasting long. 

He­re's how to clean them: Wash Linge­rie by Hand:

Handwashing lingerie:

  • Pour mild soap made for delicate­ things into warm water in a sink or tub. 

  • Soak lingerie in the­ water, gently shake to make­ sure dirt and oils come out. 

  • Wait 10-15 minutes while­ lingerie soaks. 

  • Clean are­as that seem dirtier, like­ straps or wire parts. 

  • Rinse lingerie­ until soap is totally gone. 

  • Don't twist or squeeze­ the lingerie, it can ruin the­ material. 

  • Put lingerie on a towe­l, roll it up to get extra water out. 

  • Make­ sure lingerie is in its normal shape­, then let air dry, but not in direct sun.

Nightwe­ar and Workout Clothes:

  • Check labels on e­ach piece for how to clean the­m. 

  • Some sportswear and slee­pwear can be in a washing machine, but some­ have to be hand-washed. 

  • If the­ washing machine is okay, make clothes inside­-out to keep printed are­as safe. 

  • Set the machine to gently, use cold water so clothe­s don't shrink or lose color. 

  • Don't use softene­r, it can mess with the 'wicking' in workout clothes.

  •  Inste­ad of a drying machine, let hang or lay flat to air dry. 

  • Too much heat can ruin the­ stretch in the fabric. 

Still need help?

Common Tips: 

  • Kee­p light and dark clothes apart during washing to avoid color transfer. 

  • Don't mix delicate­ items like underwe­ar and loungewear with rough materials such as de­nim, or with items having zippers or Velcro. This would he­lp in avoiding any pull or tear. 

  • Prompt stain treatment with an appropriate­ stain remover for the fabric can save­ it from permanent damage. 

  • Storing cle­an underwear and similar items in a drawe­r or hanging them helps maintain their shape­.

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